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    Carla Baratelli was born in Varese on the 1961, she took a degree in architecture from Politecnico Institute in Milan, at the age of 25.
    The design and the image has always had a great importance in her professional growth. Since her first architectural realizations, her expertise has got to such a level of professionalism that she can now propose coordinate solutions for the product itself and the communication in its various aspects. Since 2000, she has been image co-ordinator. She has been holding this important role for various companies, for which she develops plans, products and projects.

    Among the main companies with which she collaborates with that task, we can count the following ones: Trend Group in Vicenza, Salvini Marmi in Brescia, Aldabra in Concorezzo (Milan), Fivep-Cariboni in Osnago (Milan).
    Some of the projects she realized for those companies were awarded as “Best Design” at the international fair trades ‘Covering’ in Orlando (USA) and ‘Mostbuilding’ in Moscow.
    Besides, Carla Baratelli collaborates with the European Institute of Design (IED) in Milan as professor of Industrial Interior Design, placing herself and her expertise at the students’ disposal.

    Since 2004, she is responsible for the column ‘Design’ of the magazine Luce, official magazine of the Italian Lighting Association (AIDI). Since 2006 she is the creative and artistic director of the Luxury and Yatchts.

    One of the fields in which she specialized is the Lighting. She collaborates as designer with some of the most important companies of this area (Leucos, Luxo, Egoluce, Valenti, Penta…), for which she has developed new lamp designs.

    On the 1987, after working in professional practices, she established Studio Asia, of which she is still the owner. The basic ideas of the practice itself are the research of new materials, technologies and innovative solutions in order to meet special client’s needs and requirements. On the 1995 she founded “Asia Design”, that marks the beginning for a new experience. At the same time, the enthusiasm for the light leads her to take part as lighting-designer in various projects in collaboration with other professionals; this way, Studiolight, the department that deals exclusively with lighting-technique planning, was founded. The flair for the experimentation of innovative technologies and the mix of varied materials brings to the development of the glass mosaic.
    This product, that is ancient but also incredibly modern, is the leading element in the development of new products and applications.

    Carla Baratelli as architect during the last years has established a very particular feeling towards the SPA world ( a common term to indicate thermal resort) or in general speaking health through the water). An attraction that was born thanks to the collaboration with Guerlain Spa, an excellent trademark that chose Studio Asia for the design of his first italian welfare centre inside of the Carlton Hotel Baglioni in Milan. In autumn 2007 Studio Asia signs one of the most tempting attraction about wellness world exhibition that came on stage during the famous fair in Milan-Rho; we are talking about "Salus X Aquam" a true welfare center carried out thanks to an original use of water and heat. A research in continous evolution directed to mould timeless places and where the architectural element represents a source of relax and harmony, now it's becomes a very fascinating concept: Salus X Aquam: now-adays is a very original anthology with a format that tries to perceive innumerable expressions that a Spa can have. The purpose is to show materials and ideas fit to carry out a very special welfare centre: so it was born an itinerant Exhibition that involves industries(selected) that help Studio Asia to make grow the concept itself. The project made his debut in april 2008 during Fuorisalone in Milan earning an extraordinary success.in october during the Wellness Spa and Beauty Exhibition, the concept made his triumphal return " bringing to life" with new dinamyc thanks to treatments that can awake the five sensesin the usual, refined frame of shapes, design and exclusive materials." Too often we find a self-commemorative architecture". For me the way to design and in the same time to preserve the ability to convey sensations shouls start from another point of view: the man has to be in the centre, the man with his needs and with his own eternal and fatal research of welfare" Arch.Baratelli explains.

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