Our agglomerate products require very little maintenance. Just read these simple recommendations.

  • Caring for Your New Trend Q Floor

    We are delighted to welcome you as the new owner of a Trend Q floor.  The care and maintenance of Trend Q flooring is simple.

    1. Everyday Cleaning: Simply wipe with a damp cloth or a mop using a mild detergent. Do not use abrasive cleaners on your Trend Q floor.

    2. Scratch Resistance: Normal contact with shoes or furniture will not cause scratching. Avoid repeated contact with hard or sharp metal objects.

    3. Stain Resistance: Trend Q never requires sealing. Because the product is non-porous and it doesn’t absorb, it is stain resistant. If a stain should appear, it can be removed using acetone or bleach. Before using these agents, test the product in a sample to see how long you can leave the abrasive on the tile without damaging the surface. The time will vary according to the color (on average no more than 5 to 10 minutes). After applying acetone or bleach, always rinse the affected area with plenty of WARM CLEAN water. Repeat the process if necessary.

    4. Grout Residue: If after the installation you find some grout residue, you should read the label or contact the manufacturer of the grout to see what product they recommend. You can use a 3M Pad to help you in the operation Your simple kitchen pad used to clean dishes will also work; use the rougher green side.

    5. Scratch removal: To remove a scratch on any TREND Q color made with glass, you can use a paste designed for cleaning glass cook tops (like the one in the image). Apply the paste and let it sit, according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and then clean it.

    6. Annual Maintenance:  If you want to maintain your TREND Q floor as beautiful as the first day you walked on it, once or maybe twice a year (depending on how heavily trafficked the area is), we recommend using a degreaser on the surface. One product we recommend is CHILLIT BANG. Follow the manufacturer’s label instruction.

    You can look forward to years of maintenance-free enjoyment with your new Trend Q floor!

Install agglomerate

We recommend installing the material in rooms which have been kept at a constant temperature between 50 and 80 degrees F for at least 12 hours. The adhesive must also be kept at the temperature recommended by the manufacturer for at least a few days prior to use.

Suggested adhesives:
· Mapei Granirapid – cement fast – bi-component;
· Laticrete 4237rapid+211 (latex) – cement fast – bi-component.
Please check with your local dealer in order to get the name of the correct adhesive.

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