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    Bosco Bar

    Psychedelic lights borrowed from Saturday Night Fever, furni- shings that echo Hollywood Party, a drop of refined sensuality in Breakfast at Tiffany style and heaps of glamour.
    These the ingredients of the Bosco Bar, the cult café of the Moscow movida. Featuring Seventies-inspired interior design and neo-Classical stucco work, the bar looks out through seven-metre tall arched windows onto the renowned Red Square built by Ivan III, facing Lenin’s mausoleum and the golden onion dome skyscape of the cathedrals in the Cremlin. But the bar can also be approached from the ultra-chic Gum gallery, once a State department store, today a temple to designer label pur- chases.
    Indeed, Bosco Bar rises next to the Bosco Sport boutique (accessed from the bar via glass doors), one of the Bosco di Ciliegi showcases of European luxury creations and brands. Steered by Mikhail Kusnirovich, Chairman & CEO MK Group and grand ambassador to Russia of Made in Italy, the large retail chain increasingly finds a loca- tion alongside places of leisure and expo, alternating relax with prac- ticality, entertainment with business.
    Thus, giving life to the Bosco Café and L’Altro Bosco Café, two typically Italian restaurants also designed by Andrea Stramigioli, the architect from Pesaro involved in the design of showrooms, shopping centres and spa- ces dedicated to hospitality that are furnished by Tecnoshop, a Fano- based company that has been operating in Russia’s top-of-the-range market for more than ten years.
    Welcomed by an ellipsoid bar with multicolour strips in optical shades, the guests can head for the lounge area or the more secluded and reser- ved area, usually used for events or social evenings.
    The former is cove- red in Trend crystalline sheets (a transparent tempered glass aggregate with a pigmented binder to add the colour), while the latter boasts oak parquet floorboards in a wengè tint, decorated with objects, furnishings and decorative elements in a variety of forms and styles, all sharing the bright colour scheme with prevalently orange hues. A true overlaying of attention-grabbing signs, which create an ambience full of zest and har- mony, comfortable, yet contemporary.
    The whole set off by the imposing chandelier made with 320 blown crystal chalices, embellished at the edges with crescents of orange, lemon and cherry. Acclaiming the cocktail rite and extending its rays towards a rear-lighted mirror artfully placed nearby, decorated with sand-blasted printing. Savoury dishes of fusion cuisine are served on shaped cream-coloured stone and slender steel tube tables, complemented by chairs in orange eco-leather. From the false ceilings in cherry punctuated with Murano glass tiles, useful for hiding systems and ducts, hangs a swing in cherry wood and leather.
    The walls are silhouet- ted in hollowed steel and leather-patchwork background patterns similar to upholstered boiserie.
    Accompanied by furniture sourced from interna- tional producers, such as the sinuous floor lamps of Kundalinidesign or the chromed steel spheres of Castiglioni and renowned revisitations, such as the armchair with scarlet cushions encased in a Plexiglas sphere han- ging from the ceiling, a free interpretation of the Ball Chair designed by Eero Aarnio in 1963. Pony skin rugs, hide and gold-tinted leather chairs and plasma video walls catapult the visitor into the fascinating world of the Seventies.

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    Bosco Bar

    Moscow, Russia


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