TREND: put the technology in every single action, to transform it into art.

  • Production sites

    Sebring, Florida
    Following the recent installation of new automated equipment, the agglomerate production site at Sebring is currently preparing to double its production capacity. This has enabled the entire production of agglomerate to be transferred to Florida.Vivaro, Italy
    With the Italian Trend Vivaro plant now responsible for the manufacture of its main range of glass mosaics. At this site, which houses a laboratory for research into mosaic art, around 1 million square metres of mosaic tiles are produced annually.Kadi India
    Meantime, at Trend’s Indian production site in Kadi, Aureo Modern gold tiles and Karma ‘stained glass’ sheets are produced accurately and affordably, for the worldwide market.Venezia, Italy
    Arguably the most artistic expression of Trend’s mosaic output can be found in the production of gold leaf mosaic and coloured enamel at the nineteenth-century Angelo Orsoni furnace, part of the group since 2003. This is a haven of creative excellence, where it is possible to retrace the ancient techniques of glass mosaic, both in day-to-day artisan tesserae and smalti production and through master classes organised every year at the exclusive Domus Orsoni.

  • Assembly sites

    Assembling literally tonnes of individual pieces of glass mosaic into modular sheets with large surface areas and exquisite mosaic patterns, is a matter of both art and science. The Trend sites that specialise in this painstaking task are located in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Sydney, Australia and Sebring, Florida.

  • Sales Offices

    Trend has strategically positioned its sales offices around the world, to satisfy the commercial needs of its most important customers. In addition to the existing Group offices in Italy, the United States, Australia and England, there are strategic locations in Dubai, Hong Kong and most recently Sao Paulo. The Brazilian office has also been tasked to lead the expansion of Trend’s business in the burgeoning Latin American market.


Nowhere is the juxtaposition of tradition and technology more apparent than at the Group’s world headquarters in the Villa alle Scallete, located in the historic centre of Vicenza in Italy.

The seventeenth century façade of the villa has been painstakingly restored, while the interiors have been transformed by a galaxy of Trend’s most contemporary materials...

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