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    Blue Finn Café

    Corporate office fit-outs are rarely conceived as Architecture in the biggest sense.
    A mature IT company, with a desire to be “sexed-up”, chose 11.04 Architects who approached the brief with the intensity normally reserved for a “grand project”. The results are impressive, with innovative new materials introduced to the world of corporate interiors for the first time, to dramatic effect.
    The generic design criteria of efficiency; effectiveness and expression were inverted in the client’s brief, with a clear desire for the communication of the company’s newer, brighter, brand. DDS were seeking a new European Headquarters which would be equally appealing to staff and visitors, who would share the experience in an open, neutral environment.
    Staff recruitment, retention, and satisfaction was also primary considerations in the development of the brief, and in particular, in the client’s decision to give the best space, and outlook, over to the staff restaurant.

    With the new offices overlooking the Tate Modern Gallery, 11:04 architects approached working space project with a passion worthy project of absolute excellence. The cafeteria in particular features innovative materials and design solutions: slabs of glass grit from Trend Q agglomerate collection by Trend cover and exalt floors.

    The project DDS The Blue Finn won the Green Apple Award for the Built Environment.


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    Blue Finn Café

    London, United Kingdom


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