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    Boutique Salviati Bijoux

    In 1859, Antonio Salviati, a lawyer, in love with the mythical lagoon city, decided to revitalize the Venetian glass industry that was eclipsed by both English and Bohemian glass.

    Employing the best Murano glass makers and technicians, Salviati developed a new method of making mosaic with glass, which rapidly found favour in European courts and capitals before conquering America and Asia.

    He also created in his workshop a collection of glasses, stemware, bowls, chandeliers and vases, focusing specially on pieces engraved and decorated with gold.

    In 1960, a new creative impulse is given by Luciano Gaspari - the Artistic Director.

    The work of those years is strongly influenced by the frequent collaboration with architects such as Sergio Asti and Romano Chirivi as well as with international designers such as Heinz Oestergaard and Claire Falkenstein.

    Today, SALVIATI remains one of the most exclusive exponents of glassmaking.



    Category: Traditional

    Name: Aureo 001/W

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    Boutique Salviati Bijoux

    Paris, France


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