You still have something to ask? Look at the most frequent questions and answers on the mosaic.

  • FAQ on the laying of the mosaic

    Q: Can you paste the mosaic on wood and/or chipboard/metal/plasterboard?
    A: Yes, you can use a suitable adhesive and / or primed drywall.

    Q: Can you paste the mosaic on exterior facades?
    A: Yes, certainly.

    Q: The mosaic can be used as a coating of swimming pools in cold areas?
    A: Yes, and 'should be a system of covers and fenders or floating compressible to prevent water from freezing during the winter season (compensation of 'tangential action of the ice on the perimeter of the tank). The pool is empty, because the water in addition to being a good thermal insulator, the ground acts as a counterforce.
 We must lower the water level 10-15 cm below the overflow or under the skimmer drain pipes connected to the filters. Keep the water level constant.

    Q: The mosaic is slippery?
    A: No, there are the joints that eliminate the risk of slipping. For public places, is to check local regulations for selecting the type of mosaic to be applied (eg Grip).

    Q: The mosaic is sharp?
    A: No, each mosaic tile is beveled, so it is not sharp.

    Q: Can I apply mosaic saunas, steam, steam baths, etc..?
    A: Yes, certainly.

    A: Can I apply the mosaic inside a fireplace?
    Q: No, I can be applied as a coating the outside of the hood of the fireplace, but not inside.

    The glass mosaic is a flammable material?
    A: No, the glass is a non-combustible and non-flammable (Class 0).

    Q: The mosaic glass changes color over time?
    A: No, the color of the tiles remains constant and stable over time.

    Q: I ensured that the consignment of mosaic that I sent will be equal to the color of the sample seen on the color chart?
    A: No, the dominant shade of color you choose will be the same, but it will be possible slight changes to the tone slightly lighter or darker.

    Q: I ensured the equality of tone in a subsequent reorganization of material?
    A: No, you can not secure it for the peculiarities of the mosaic craftsmanship. Each lot has a slightly different hue.

    Q: The glass mosaics can be laid on a cover pre-existing?
    A: Yes, but you should consider a few caveats, simple but important.
    a) The old coating must be well anchored to the existing surface (otherwise should be removed).
    b) Scuff or deep sand the old finish to facilitate the accession of shaving.
    c) Level the surface of installation using a newly sanded leveled (5mm). 
After these 3 steps you can lay the mosaic.

    Q: For the installation of the mosaic can use any glue Local?
    A: We recommend the use of adhesive Trend.
    a) If it is not possible, we can suggest the adhesives products from suppliers who have worked with us to the formulation of the adhesive itself (Kerakoll , Mapei, Technokolla, etc..)
    b) If the above solutions are not practicable, ensure that the local supplier of the glue has responsibility to provide a product suitable for the purpose (paying particular attention that ours is a mosaic of glass).

    Q: What kind of stucco recommend?
    A: We can use the grouting cement everywhere, however, recommend the epoxy grouting when required mechanical strength and superior chemical (eg, saunas, spas, etc..) Or where a leak has been chosen color .

  • FAQ about cleaning the mosaic

    Q: What products used for cleaning surfaces covered with mosaic (eg. bathrooms, etc..)?
    A: You can use any cleaning agent in preference to those specific to glass surfaces.

    Q: How do you clean a pool after the laying of the mosaic?
    A: You use the detergents used to clean the yard. 

    Q: If you are spilled on the floor cleaners or liquids of normal household use, our mosaic ruins?
    A: No, our mosaics are resistant to stains. For cleaning you can use any cleaning agent in preference to those specific to glass surfaces.

    Q: How do I remove calcium deposits from our glass mosaics?
    A: It is easily removed by using: a solution of water and HCl to 3% alcohol solution of water and vinegar for a specific product (eg Viakal).

    Q: What can I use to lay the mosaic swimming pool epoxy glue can?
    A: We recommend using the adhesive cement Trend, formulated specifically for our mosaics.

    Q: If I use epoxy glue in the pool, can I avoid doing the waterproofing?
    A: No, the waterproofing of swimming pools must be performed by specialist: any type of coating or adhesive sealing can replace the same.

    Q: How soon after installation can I put the water in the pool?
    A: It is prudent to wait at least 20 days of completing the grouting of the mosaic.

    Q: Our mosaics are resistant to chemicals used for cleaning and disinfecting the water of the swimming facilities?
    A: Yes, of course

    Q: What features should have the machines to clean the floors of spas?
    A: They must be "man down" and have all the tires.

    Q: Our glass mosaics will crawl?
    RA: Our mosaics are resistant to wear.

    Q: You can see the signs of the passage where this is more common?
    A: Normally not, however, depends on the type of use.

    Q: Our mosaics have a superficial abrasion or resisting abrasion in depth?
    A: Our mosaics are resistant to superficial abrasion or deep abrasion, as they are uniform throughout the thickness.

    Q: How long have our mosaics?
    A: In theory, the lifetime is practically unlimited, however, depends on the use to which they are subjected.

    Q: Our mosaics can be used in a shop as a hairdresser?
    A: Yes, of course. Our mosaics are resistant to chemical agents also extremely aggressive, such as those used in the context mentioned.

    Q: Our mosaics, when exposed to a marine environment, are resistant or get ruined?
    A: They are tough, not be affected when exposed to this particular environment.

    Q: How do I treat the mosaic before laying it?
    A: It is advisable to allow the material to be coated in the environment for at least 24 h before starting the installation (inside, protected from the weather).

    Q: How should operate if there is difference in thickness?
    A: Simply fill in the difference in level between the mosaic and tile with the adhesive thickness or adequately.

    Q: What tools are cut mosaic tiles?
    A: You only need a special clamp mosaic.

    Q: The effect of The Shining is iridescent passenger?
    A: No, it remains constant over time.

Laying of mosaic

Any type of installation begins with verification of site conditions. To put the open air is preferable to assess the possibility of full or partial coverage. The substrate must be properly seasoned: the practice of site suggested by the manufacturer

of adhesives is to wait for 28 days and cementitious screeds, 90 days for the casting of concrete. The anhydrite-based substrates allow a maximum of 0.5% moisture. It is of utmost importance to also carefully consider the influence of...

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