The care and cleaning of the mosaic is very simple. Read our tips.

  • Cleaning of the mosaic

    To recommend daily cleaning neutral detergents in common use.

    Do not use wax, oil, hydrofluoric acid and phosphoric acid or products containing them. For extra cleaning of limestone deposits, we recommend using a mild slightly acidic while in all other cases use a little basic products, in the manner and in the doses recommended by the manufacturer, rinse immediately and repeatedly with clean water.

    It is recommended that within the walls of the showers and tubs to use the specific product Brilliant Trend for daily rain and rinse with effect.

    It forms a protective film that prevents the formation of zones and limestone leaving a pleasant clean scent.

Laying of mosaic

Any type of installation begins with verification of site conditions. To put the open air is preferable to assess the possibility of full or partial coverage. The substrate must be properly seasoned: the practice of site suggested by the manufacturer

of adhesives is to wait for 28 days and cementitious screeds, 90 days for the casting of concrete. The anhydrite-based substrates allow a maximum of 0.5% moisture. It is of utmost importance to also carefully consider the influence of...

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